The ghost of Wassabi Productions​ is often seen as a possible Hoax but  Alex and Roi Take it seriously .


It is a grey / white color hybrid ghost . It wears a white cloak and has short spiky hair . The Gender of the ghost is unknown . ( He looked like this in the Philippines and Hawaii Trip ) . But this is his / Her original look .

In the Charlie and Spirit of the Glass Challenge it was wearing a blood stained white cloak .

In Baby blue he / she morphed into a black ghost baby .

Ghost in houseEdit

Roi many people are going through the point The ghost is really neutral if not provoked . 

Story Edit

When Alex and Roi were playing a little game they saw a unknown being walking around the apartment . Roi was the one who mostly saw it . He saw the ghost in Hawaii . 


The Hawaii Trip

The Philippine Trip ( seen in the final part and part 7 ) 

The Charlie Charlie Challenge ( Was seen next to the Charlie Ghost )

Baby Blue ( Possibly could be a morph ) 

The Spirit of The Glass Challenge 

Trivia Edit

  • On the last part of The Philippine Trip in the hotel where Roi Wassabi , Jensen ,  Alex ,and AJ stayed . There was a unknown gendered ghost spoted next to AJ Raphael .
  • In the Charlie Charlie Prank the ghost was found holding Charlie's hand .
  • It is still a Mystery of how the ghost ever existed .
  • The ghost gender is unknown