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Richard​ is the secondary antagonist of Wassabi Productions . And has a strong crush on Rolanda .

Appearance []

Richard is basically Alex in a costume . Richard wears a red cap , black shoes and jeans , and a blue long sleeve with white stripes . He has a long black unibrow and beard just like Rolanda except with a Beard

Personality []

Richard is a really weird and calm until someone dose anything to him or Rolanda .

Video Appearances[]

  • Call Me Maybe (Parody)
  • Never Gonna Leave You (Parody)
  • Movin Like Richard
  • As Long As you Love Me (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda
  • We Are Never Getting Back Together (Parody)
  • Beauty and the Rolanda (Beauty and the Beat Parody)
  • Sexy Rolanda Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
  • Wassabi Rewind 2012
  • How To Be a Gentleman
  • Valentines with Rolanda
  • I Knew You Were Trouble (Parody)
  • 22 (Taylor Swift Parody)
  • Rolanda Goes to Hollywood Feat. Lucas Cruikshank
  • Can't Hold Us (Macklemore Parody)
  • Music in Real Life Ft Richard and Rolanda
  • Treasure (Bruno Mars Parody)
  • Despicable Me Date with Richard and Rolanda
  • Cooking with Rolanda
  • Robin Thicke Blurred Lines (Parody)
  • How To Say Goodbye
  • Roar Parody
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Halloween Edition
  • 47 Richard Trailer (47 Ronin Spoof)
  • Christmas with Rolanda
  • Wassabi Rewind 2013
  • Just Girly Things
  • Valentines with Rolanda 2
  • Workout with Rolanda
  • Do Want to Be My Husband
  • #Pose (#Selfie Parody)
  • Sea Horse (Dark Horse Parody)
  • Sexy Couple Sings Disney's Frozen (Love Is An Open Door)
  • Makeup With Rolanda: Thanksgiving Edition
  • Soon (Rude Parody)
  • All About the Chase (All About the Bass Parody)
  • I Dare You to Watch This Video (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Christmas Edition (Parody)
  • Wassabi Rewind 2014
  • Workout with Rolanda Feat. Tony Horton
  • Valentines with Rolanda 3
  • Just Girly Things 2
  • Richard and Rolanda Visit the Shark Aquarium
  • Back to School w/ Rolanda Feat. Amy Marie Gaertner
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Thanksgiving Edition
  • What I Got For Christmas Feat. Richard and Rolanda
  • Marry Me (Dessert Parody)
  • Wassabi Challenger Feat Richard and Rolanda
  • Goodbye Roi Wassabi