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Rolanda is the main antagonist of Wassabi Productions . Who first appeared in the Call Me Maybe (Parody)


Rolanda is a weirdo who has an obsessive crush on Alex, but he tries everything to avoid her. Alex thinks that Richard should date Rolanda and not him. Rolanda does makeup to impress the boys (Especially Alex) in her makeup videos. Rolanda is also a character invented and played by Roi Wassabi


Rolanda is ugly with a Mole, Unibrow, Hideous Lips, and Enormous Round hips who wears a Pink Bra (White Formerly), Pink Rippled Skirt, Brown flip flops, frizzy and straight black - brown hair and White Tank Top.

Video Appearances[]

  • Call Me Maybe (Parody)
  • Never Gonna Leave You (UsTheDuo Parody)
  • Movin Like Richard
  • Music In Real Life 2
  • As Long As you Love Me (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda
  • We Are Never Getting Back Together (Parody)
  • Beauty and the Rolanda (Beauty and the Beat Parody)
  • Sexy Rolanda Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
  • Wassabi Rewind 2012
  • How To Be a Gentleman
  • Valentines with Rolanda
  • I Knew You Were Trouble (Parody)
  • 22 (Taylor Swift Parody)
  • Rolanda Goes to Hollywood Feat. Lucas Cruikshank
  • Can't Hold Us (Macklemore Parody)
  • Music in Real Life Ft Richard and Rolanda
  • Treasure (Bruno Mars Parody)
  • Despicable Me Date with Richard and Rolanda
  • Cooking with Rolanda
  • Bad Habits
  • Robin Thicke Blurred Lines (Parody)
  • How To Say Goodbye
  • Roar Parody
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Halloween Edition
  • 47 Richard Trailer (47 Ronin Spoof)
  • Christmas with Rolanda
  • Wassabi Rewind 2013
  • Just Girly Things
  • Valentines with Rolanda 2
  • Workout with Rolanda
  • Do Want to Be My Husband
  • #Pose (#Selfie Parody)
  • Sea Horse (Dark Horse Parody)
  • Sexy Couple Sings Disney's Frozen (Love Is An Open Door)
  • Makeup With Rolanda: Thanksgiving Edition
  • Soon (Rude Parody)
  • All About the Chase (All About the Bass Parody)
  • I Dare You to Watch This Video (Parody)
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Christmas Edition (Parody)
  • Wassabi Rewind 2014
  • Workout with Rolanda Feat. Tony Horton
  • Valentines with Rolanda 3
  • Just Girly Things 2
  • Richard and Rolanda Visit the Shark Aquarium
  • Back to School w/ Rolanda Feat. Amy Marie Gaertner
  • Makeup with Rolanda: Thanksgiving Edition
  • What I Got For Christmas Feat. Richard and Rolanda
  • Marry Me (Dessert Parody)
  • Wassabi Challenger Feat Richard and Rolanda
  • Goodbye Roi Wassabi


  • Rolanda wears a White Bra in her first 3 Appearances. In Later Appearances she wears Pink