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SEXY ROLANDA STYLE (강남스타일) M/V is a music video made by Wassabi Productions. It was a parody of Gangnam Style by PSY.


Parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style"


The video starts with a close-up of Rolanda's face wearing a sunglasses before she sings "Sexy Landa Style" before it zooms out where it shows that Rolanda sitting on a blue summer seat. Rolanda then sings "Rolanda Style" before she stands up and singing while walking on the street.

On the street, Rolanda singing as she introduces herself as the hottest in the planet. She threatens not to deny it or else she'll kick the audience and they will not like it. She said that she'll only love one and he has her heart so the audience can't have it before she told them to get away and not to make her hurt them. She began walking to Alex's house, where Alex is inside behind the front door and Rolanda is outside holding the door knob. Rolanda turns to the audience to brag that she got broad shoulders and she's got muscles on her muscles before she claims that she's an alpha female. Rolanda said that she can push the audience's car up the hill as showing that she pushes the black car before said "Yes alpha female". Rolanda keep looking and keep searching before she said that she will never fail before she walks away.

At the back of the house, Rolanda explains that she knew it from the start that it was love as it shows Alex sitting at the front of the house while smiling, claiming that she fell in love with him. She then said that there was a creeper, which is Richard, and told him to get away (which he just did) so she can fall in love before she could stutter as it show two scenes of Rolanda sitting on the bench and Alex sitting at the stair for the front of the house.



In The Trailer The Title is Sexy Landa Style Instead of Sexy Rolanda Style.